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Corporate policies

Our corporate policies and guidelines include paid participation, compliments and concerns, research and sponsorship policies. A number of corporate policies are relevant to stakeholders.

Paid participation policy

We are committed to meaningfully engaging with people with a lived experience, their families, carers and support people as equal partners in our work.

Paid participation is one of the ways we recognise the valuable, specialised and expert contribution made by people who have a lived experience, their families, carers and support people.

Our Paid Participation Policy outlines our commitment to paid participation and sets out clearly how much the Commission will pay, when and for what.

Compliments, complaints and concerns about QMHC

We are committed to supporting the rights and needs of people with lived experience, their families, carers and supporters and of the mental health, alcohol and other drug services sector.

Despite best endeavours to do the best we can for you, sometimes we may get things wrong or they don’t turn out the way we want or expect them too. Sometimes we don’t realise we’ve not met your expectations unless you tell us. We need your feedback to make sure we get it right in the future.

Please be heard

If you have an issue or concern about the Queensland Mental Health Commission, or just want to give us your feedback, we would like to hear from you.

You can either complete the form on the Contact us page, or write to or telephone us using the contact details provided.

We will be pleased to hear from you and respond to your concerns or feedback.


Our sponsorship guideline is consistent with the Queensland Government sponsorship policy, and seeks to ensure that all sponsorship requests are considered using an open, transparent, fair and equitable process.

Our sponsorship guideline outlines the purpose, eligibility, evaluation process, assessment criteria, and funding, monitoring and review requirements.

We accept applications for sponsorship quarterly. Approved applications are published in our sponsorship register.