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Hamza Vayani

Hamza has a practical and passionate focus on why and how public policy formulation and commissioning of services can be better integrated, inclusive and focused on compassionately delivering improved healthcare and social outcomes for communities.

Hamza has twenty years' experience in senior management, committee and board level positions across Australia and the UK in non-government organisations, the UK National Health Service, local government in South Australia, SA Health, Queensland Health and at national, regional/statewide and local government levels.

He is currently employed by Gold Coast Primary Health Network as Coordinator for Planning & Stakeholder engagement. He has a broad range of responsibilities such as supporting regional needs assessment planning and stakeholder engagement to inform implementation of initiatives such as Greater Choice for Palliative Care at Home.

This extensive professional experience and combined lived experience of being a carer who has interfaced with aged care, disability, mental health and broader health and social care systems has resulted in Hamza applying his multidisciplinary and cross sector approaches in a range of health and social care reforms.

Examples of nationally focused mental health work in Australia includes developing and supporting the team that designed the national Framework for Mental Health in Multicultural Australia; spotlight report on data collection limitations in respect to multicultural health that was peer reviewed by the Australian Bureau Statistics (ABS); and Australian Institute of Health & Welfare (AIHW) and background briefing for the National Mental Health Commission to inform development of the National Mental Health Performance Framework, in respect to people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds living in Australia.