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Martina McGrath

Martina is a mental health and suicide prevention advocate.

Her personal journey included her own suicide attempt in 2013 following a long period of multi-layered social and mental health problems.

Martina’s professional background includes a six-year stint as an Army Officer in The Australian Army working as a Senior Instructor.

She has also worked at both state and national levels in the areas of Human Resource Management and Workplace Health and Safety in the private sector. As a complete ‘out-of-the-box’ work ‘gig’ Martina worked as a music photographer and writer for a national music magazine.

Today Martina is leading a full, happy and active life. She is currently the Secretary on the Management Board of Stepping Stone Clubhouse a local NGO and NFP based in Brisbane which provides a range of holistic community mental health services.

She is also the founder of the Suicide Attempter Support Group. This innovative pilot project was developed in collaboration with the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention. At present the project is on hold. However, Martina is hopeful that the project will continue in the future.

To date, Martina has had 24 rounds of surgery with more to come. Aside from her professional interests in mental health, Martina is working hard at creating the best new version of herself by keeping fit both mentally and physically.

She is now able to draw on the year-long course she recently completed (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) by utilising mindfulness skills. She firmly believes, that for her, these skills have been life changing.