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Samantha Wild

Samantha is a proud Wakka Wakka and South Sea Islander woman and draws from her own  experiences of disadvantaged health outcomes, in order to influence and inspire change.

Samantha is Director and consultant for her business Awakening Cultural Ways, focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander policy and program development, particularly in relation to social and emotional wellbeing, mental health, and cultural healing frameworks.

She is also the Indigenous Digital Mental Health Service Integration and Development Coordinator at the Queensland University of Technology.

Samantha has a strong interest in improving the health and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth and advocating for trauma informed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health care. She has been committed to working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health for the past decade.

Samantha brings to the Council her experience working with many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities at a national level.

She is an experienced advocate, speaking on behalf of youth and consumers. She has also participated in leadership panels and presented in many different forums and conferences.

Samantha holds qualifications in Applied Health Science (Indigenous Primary Health Care), Public Health, and Indigenous Trauma Recovery.

She has participated in national and statewide groups that include:

  • Youth Advisor for the Headspace ‘Youth National Reference Group’
  • Indigenous Taskforce and leadership of National Cultural Capability Program
  • development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff Networks and Clinical Reference Groups.