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Support, hope & recovery

Youth in the spotlight

During the consultation for Queensland’s new strategic plan for mental health and wellbeing, we asked young people what has worked for them, what can be improved and what needs to be changed. 

The majority of their concerns were around accessing the ‘basics’ in life, such as safe accommodation, work and education, and appropriate, quality health care and support.

Listen to what Mia, Jayceta, Aidan and youth worker Trace had to say about a system they say works in silos and does not always offer the best outcomes for those who need help.

Mia's experience

Jayceta's experience

Aidan's experience

Trace's perspective

Lived experience frequently asked questions

Consumer advocate and academic Dr Louise Byrne is a lived experience consultant uses her own experience of significant mental health challenges and service use to promote recovery and the role of the lived experience workforce.

Louise works on a part time basis in conjunction with her role as a Lecturer in Lived Experience Mental Health with Central Queensland University. Louise has worked in a variety of government, non-government and tertiary settings since 2005. Louise’s PhD and subsequent research explores the emerging lived experience workforce in Australia.

Speaking at the Queensland Mental Health Week Awards in 2016, Louise gave a moving account of her personal experience with mental illness and journey to recovery.


An introduction to lived experience, Louise Byrne and the purpose of these videos.

A personal perspective

Hear about Louise’s lived experience and what helped her journey of healing and recovery

Recovery and healing

Suggestions and advice from Louise on recovery and healing

Supporting a loved one

Supporting a loved one experiencing significant mental health challenges

Getting involved

Getting involved in lived experience work