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We offer bursaries to eligible Queenslanders to attend relevant events that align with our purpose and priorities. Our bursaries support people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend an event.

Bursary requests are open to applicants at any time and on occasion the Commission invites bursary applications for particular events (for example, our annual Leading Reform Summit).

Our Bursary policy sets out the Commission’s stance in relation to offering bursaries, including eligible applicants, eligible events, bursary recipient wellbeing and responsibilities, costs included and excluded, and payment claims for bursaries.

Eligible applicants

We will only consider bursary support for people who:

  • reside in Queensland
  • are:
    • considered to have a lived experience or are other relevant members of the community as defined in our Paid Participation policy, or
    • working in the mental health, alcohol and other drugs, and/or suicide prevention sectors in Queensland
  • are not the Chair or member of the Queensland Mental and Drug Advisory Council
  • do not have any other funding to support attendance at an event (e.g. any other bursary funding or employer funding, such as paid professional development)
  • are not employed in organisations where the organisation could reasonably be expected to pay for event participation as part of an employee’s professional development or employment conditions
  • are not seeking the support primarily to advance their own professional standing or work-related opportunities.

Priority consideration will be given to those who:

  • demonstrate they are part of a relevant lived experience or community group or network
  • are willing and able to formally communicate and share their experiences and learnings from attendance at the event with the Commission and others
  • will gain opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and networks.

Eligible events

We will only offer bursaries for attendance at events that:

  • are held within Australia
  • are aligned to our purpose and priorities
  • are relevant to the proposed bursary recipient/s
  • have appropriate mechanisms in place to support the wellbeing of bursary recipients during their attendance.

We will not offer bursaries for attendance at events convened by third parties that are deemed to be:

  • engagement or consultation processes on specific issues, projects or programs of work
  • promotional, information, or awareness raising events (e.g. awareness walks, service openings, budget breakfasts)
  • formal training or education programs or courses
  • promoting a specific political or religious viewpoint
  • held solely for commercial purposes (i.e. to earn a profit)
  • funded directly or indirectly by alcohol, tobacco or pharmaceutical companies, or their related foundations.

Costs and payment

Bursaries will cover costs including registration fees, travel, accommodation, meals, incidentals, mileage and parking.

Refer to the Bursary policy for full details on included and excluded costs, and payment of bursary funds.

Application process

Bursary applications must be made in writing to the Queensland Mental Health Commission and can be made by organisations convening an event or by an individual seeking support to attend an event.

Complete the application form and send it to the Mental Health Commissioner at or PO Box 13027, George Street, Brisbane QLD 4003.

Requests must demonstrate how the recipient and event meet the eligibility requirements detailed in full in the Bursary policy and must include information about the event (for example, the event website, agenda, registration fees, location).

The final approval on bursary support remains with the Commission.