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Improving suicide surveillance

We are committed to supporting a fit-for-purpose, future-focused suicide surveillance model in Queensland to contribute to suicide prevention and early intervention efforts.

What is suicide surveillance?

Suicide surveillance is the process of monitoring and collecting data to improve the quality, accessibility and timeliness of information about suicide and suicide attempts.

Suicide surveillance systems are crucial for monitoring the success of suicide prevention activities, assessing the impact of public health initiatives over time, and driving systemic improvement. 

Reforming Suicide Surveillance project

Under Every life: The Queensland Suicide Prevention Plan 2019–2029 (Every life), the Queensland Government has committed to:

  • improving the way that data is used to drive suicide prevention planning and implementation, and 
  • responding to the need for more timely access to accurate and relevant data that better informs local responses. 

The Commission’s Reforming Suicide Surveillance project seeks to ensure Queensland’s suicide surveillance model is fit-for-purpose and identifies ways to continuously enhance suicide surveillance into the future.

This work looks to deliver a forward-looking surveillance system that can:

  • monitor suicides
  • track non-lethal suicidal behaviours (attempts)
  • provide insights into pathways to suicide and patterns of service use, and   
  • find opportunities for systemic improvement.

This project will be implemented in phases over the duration of Every life.