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Our legislation

Our work is governed by the Queensland Mental Health Commission Act 2013 within the portfolio of the Minister for Health.

The Act established the Queensland Mental Health Commission as an independent statutory body on 1 July 2013 to drive ongoing reform towards a more integrated, evidence-based, recovery-oriented mental health and substance misuse system.

The Act also established the independent Queensland Mental Health and Drug Advisory Council to provide advice to the Commission on mental health or substance misuse issues. The Advisory Council may also make recommendations to the Commission in relation to the Commission’s functions.

The Queensland Mental Health Commissioner is appointed as the Chief Executive under the Act to manage the Commission and its functions.

Independent review of the Commission

The Act requires the Minister for Health to arrange an independent review of the Commission’s performance within three years of the commencement of the Act.  

The Public Service Commission finalised its independent Queensland Mental Health effectiveness review in June 2016.

Read the Commission’s Response to the Independent Review  of the Effectiveness of the QMHC (December 2016),conducted by the Queensland Public Service Commission.

Review of the Act

The Minister for Health must also review the effectiveness of the Act as soon as practicable three years after the commencement of the Act.

The Minister is also required to table a report about the review’s outcomes in the Legislative Assembly as soon as practicable after the review’s completion.

The review of the Act will be led by the Department of Health in 2017.

A summary of issues raised by stakeholders regarding the Review of the Queensland Mental Health Commission Act has been provided to the Steering Committee.

Other legislative obligations

In addition to the functions and obligations outlined in the Queensland Mental Health Commission Act, we must comply with a range of public administration legislation.