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Stakeholder survey

Our annual stakeholder survey is part of our performance framework and tracks stakeholder satisfaction with the progress of reform and our performance. It asks the question ‘are we making a difference’?

The survey is our main tool to understand the effectiveness, impact and improvements of our work over time. We also do regular activity evaluation of our forums, events and products to assess their quality and effectiveness.

The annual stakeholder survey tracks stakeholder satisfaction with three focus areas:

  1. opportunity to provide individual, support person and provider perspectives
  2. extent that individual, support person and provider perspectives are represented in planning
  3. range of stakeholders involved in developing and implementing solutions.

2018 Stakeholder survey

The 2018 Stakeholder survey marks the fifth year of our operation and the fifth time that Queenslanders have been invited to provide their opinion on the performance of the Commission and the mental health and alcohol and other drugs system overall.

This year’s survey was sent to a smaller stakeholder group of 1150 people, and 490 responses were received, reflecting a response rate of 43 per cent. The targeted group was reduced to represent those stakeholders who we had some interaction with over the year and who have shown an interest in survey participation. Respondents continue to represent a variety of roles in the sector, with the largest proportion identifying as service providers, and persons with lived experience and their family members.

The executive summary and the key performance indicator section, page 2-5 provide a good snapshot of the results.

2017 Stakeholder survey

The 2017 Stakeholder survey reports on the results of the fourth annual Queensland Mental Health Commission survey. Originally developed to support the evaluation of the Commission (conducted between 2014 and 2016), the survey has been condensed this year to a smaller subset of core questions for ongoing monitoring. The respondent profile remained broadly consistent with previous years, with an increase in the proportion identifying as people with lived experience of mental health and/or substance use issues.

Continuing the positive trend of previous years, almost three-quarters of respondents reported the Commission is seen as a credible organisation. Consistent with previous years, less than half of respondents agreed that stakeholders have sufficient opportunity to provide input into our work or that the full range of stakeholders is being engaged. However, most respondents were positive about our performance against key functions.

At the system-level, two-thirds of respondents agreed that overall, there is positive reform underway towards a more integrated, evidence-based, recovery-oriented mental health and substance misuse system. Most respondents  continued to view us as an important driver of reform of the mental health, drug and alcohol system in Queensland.

2016 Stakeholder survey

Our 2016 Stakeholder survey results is the third survey to measure stakeholder satisfaction with our performance and effectiveness. The 2016 results summary below highlights significant achievements.

Our stakeholders and partners agree that achieving better outcomes is a long-term process. Most think it will take at least five years to make a difference.

Stakeholder feedback from the survey includes:

  • more opportunities for deeper engagement with consumers, families and carers
  • greater oversight of funding in public health services
  • greater focus on alcohol and other drugs, separate from the overlap with mental health
  • increased focus on rural and remote Queensland, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders, and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • more interaction with frontline staff.

Some respondents made comments relating to increased independence of the Commission, a change of functions, and a lived experience Commissioner. These require legislative change and will be brought to Government’s attention as part of the review of our legislation.

2015 Stakeholder survey

In 2015, the Commission completed its second full year of operation. This allowed us to build on the achievements of our foundation year, expand our focus and make progress in a number of key areas. Our 2015 Stakeholder survey results reflected on the release of the first state-wide strategic plan, the 2014-2019 Strategic plan. Read also Tracking our progress: 2015 Stakeholder survey results summary.

2014 Stakeholder survey

Our first stakeholder survey was done in May 2014, to benchmark stakeholder satisfaction with the achievements of the Commission. The 2014 Stakeholder survey results showed high expectations of the Commission, significant interest in our work and widely varying perceptions of our effectiveness.