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Gabrielle Vilic (Deputy Chair)

Ms Gabrielle Vilic is a well-respected leader in the mental health sector with over 24 years’ experience, working across government and government sectors.

She joined Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services (MSAMHS) as the Director for Social Inclusion and Recovery in 2013 and has expanded the lived experience workforce to over 50 positions in the last four years.

Gabrielle has won a number of state-wide awards for her achievements in the area of mental health. She continues to be involved in research and has published a number of abstracts.

Gabrielle is actively involved on a range of committees, including the Chairperson for the State-wide Consumer and Carer Network meeting.

She has also worked as a consumer consultant for the Gold Coast Mental Health Service and provided consumer input in all aspect of the service's planning, delivery and evaluation, and assists in improving the service's response to consumer needs.

Gabrielle was  involved in coordinating the implementation of the Mental Illness Education Program into Queensland primary and secondary schools. The program focused on positive lifestyle choices, self-awareness, and early recognition and intervention for potential mental health issues.

Her areas of interest include the development of consumer and carer workforce, consumer-led research, reduction of seclusion and restraint, and consumer feedback.