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Paid participation

Paid participation is one of the ways we recognise the valuable, specialised and expert contribution made by people with a lived experience, their families, carers and support people.

We are committed to meaningful engagement with people with a lived experience, their families, carers and support people as equal partners in our work, ensuring that cost is not a barrier to participation.

Our Paid Participation Policy outlines our commitment to paid participation and sets out clearly how much the Commission will pay, when and for what.

Paid participation:

  • provides a paid participation payment for a person’s engagement and participation
  • pays for reasonable travel and accommodation costs to allow people to give their time and participate
  • reimburses any reasonable associated out of pocket expenses.

Please read our Paid Participation Policy in full regarding eligibility requirements and conditions.

If you have been invited by the Commission to join in a pre-approved paid participation activity, please complete and submit the claim form to receive your payment.

How does this support reform?

To achieve system reform and better outcomes for people with lived experience, the Shifting minds strategic plan requires that people with lived experience are engaged as equal partners in policy, planning and governance.

The Paid Participation Policy seeks to remove barriers and support lived experience engagement and participation in system reform.