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Vision, role and functions

Our vision

Queenslanders working together to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Our role and functions

Our role is to drive ongoing reform towards a more integrated, evidence-based, recovery-oriented mental health, alcohol and other drug service system in Queensland.

Our functions are to:

1. Develop, support and report on a whole-of-government Strategic Plan

  • develop whole-of-government strategic and action plans
  • coordinate and report on implementation (more>)
  • monitor and report on progress towards achieving outcomes

2. Research and report on issues relevant to Queenslanders

  • build evidence about what works and where reform is needed
  • make submissions and recommendations to governments 
  • develop and prepare report to support decision-making

3. Deliver and support promotion, awareness and early intervention activities

  • support services and initiatives that promote
    - community wide mental health and wellbeing
    - prevention and early intervention, awareness
    - reduced stigma and discrimination

4. Engage and enable stakeholders to foster an inclusive and responsive system

  • promote opportunities for people with lived experience , their families, carers and supporters to have a say in reform 
  • build collaborative partnerships as agents for change
  • support the Queensland Mental Health and Drug Advisory Council
  • promote opportunities to share knowledge.

We work with others to achieve reform

We perform our role and functions by working with government and non-government agencies, people with a lived experience, families, carers and supporters throughout Queensland.

We work on system reform

We work on whole of system reform to ensure the mental health and alcohol and other drug service systems work effectively.

Our work extends beyond the health system and acknowledges the holistic needs and broad range of issues faced by people with a lived experience of mental illness, problematic alcohol and other drug use and those affected by suicide.

Our role does not include:

- investigating individual healthcare complaints
- planning or funding mental health, alcohol and other drug services
- service delivery.

These responsibilities rest with other government agencies.

Our values

The Commission has adopted the Queensland Government public service values in addition to a value which focuses on promoting wellness. These values are fundamental to our work:

  • Customers first
  • Ideas into action
  • Unleash potential
  • Be courageous
  • Empower people
  • Promote wellness