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Strategic framework

Our Strategic framework outlines our vision, objectives, strategies, performance indicators and risk management environment.

View the Strategic Framework 2020-2024.

The outcomes we pursue are:

  • Queenslanders living with mental health difficulties, mental illness or problematic alcohol and other drug use are better supported to live purposeful lives
  • Mental health and wellbeing is a shared responsibility across all sections of government and community.

Our objectives are to achieve better outcomes for people living with mental health issues or substance misuse by:

  • reaching consensus on and making progress towards achieving system-wide reforms
  • maximising the collective impact of lived experience and professional expertise.

Strategic framework strategies

The strategies we implement reflect the functions of the Commission under the Act, and include:

  • Strategic planning

We are required to develop a whole of government strategic plan in consultation with consumers, families, carers, government and non-government stakeholders. The Commission’s role is to facilitate, support and report on implementation of the Queensland Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Strategic Plan. Learn more >

  • Research and review

We undertake reviews and research and prepare reports to provide advice and inform decision-making, build the evidence-base, support innovation and identify good practice. Learn more >

  • Awareness and promotion

We play a key role in facilitating and promoting awareness, prevention and early intervention by supporting whole-of-government and whole-of-community action. Learn more >

  • Engage and enable

We are responsible for establishing and supporting mechanisms that promote collaborative, representative, transparent and accountable system leadership and performance. Learn more >

Our key performance measures include:

  • extent to which agreed commitments are implemented
  • stakeholder satisfaction.

The strategic framework provides the higher level direction around which we develop our annual operational plan.