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Queensland Mental Health Week

Queensland Mental Health Week promotes individual and community mental health and wellbeing, boosts awareness of mental illness, stigma and discrimination and celebrates the contribution of the mental health and community sectors.

Queensland Mental Health Week takes place in the week of World Mental Health Day on 10 October. In 2019, the week will be celebrated from Saturday 5 October to Sunday 13 October.

Throughout Queensland Mental Health Week, hundreds of local and regional events are held by non-government organisations, service providers, local councils, workplaces, schools and universities, sporting groups and clubs, community groups and individuals.

The message of Queensland Mental Health Week is to value mental health, because our mental health is valuable.

QMHW Community events grants

QMHW Grants are available to support mental health awareness events and activities for Queensland Mental Health Week.

Supporting mental health week

Mental health week is organised through a collaboration of mental health sector and community partners across the State.

The Queensland Mental Health Commission funds our partner CheckUp as the QMHW coordinator to plan, promote and deliver mental health week activities on behalf of the sector.

Partners and sponsors

There is a group of committed sponsors and cross-sector partners who work to promote Queensland Mental Health Week as an important community event each year.

Sector partners include:

  • CheckUp
  • Canefields Clubhouse
  • Communify
  • Grow
  • Mates in Construction
  • Mental Awareness Foundation
  • Mental illness Fellowship Queensland (MIFQ)
  • Open Minds
  • Richmond Fellowship Queensland
  • Queensland Alliance
  • Mental Illness Fellowship of North Queensland (MIFNQ)
  • Queensland Health

Get involved

It is easy to be part of Queensland Mental Health Week. The Queensland Mental Health Week website offers great ideas and resources for individuals, community groups or businesses to:

  • host your own event
  • partner with someone to host an event
  • find and attend someone else’s event
  • sponsor an organisation or event
  • show your support, by sharing messages, information and resources.

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