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COVID-19 and mental health

We will regularly update this page with reliable information and resources

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is causing anxiety, worry and stress for Queenslanders and people across the globe.

These are exceptional times, but we are a resilient society with the strength and capacity to cope with difficult situations. There are positive, proactive steps we can all take to support our mental health and wellbeing, and that of our family and friends.

The Queensland Mental Health Commission has put together practical advice and information from trusted sources and partners. The links below connect to credible, up-to-date resources to help you stay mentally and physically healthy and well.

Ensure you keep well-connected. Support each other and keep up-to-date so that you can help support friends and loved ones.

Social (physical) distancing is an important response to the pandemic – but we need to ensure that does not become social isolation or alienation, particularly for older people and other vulnerable groups. There has never been a more important time to stay in touch with friends, family, neighbours or, sometimes, complete strangers.

Remember to reach out on the phone or online. Connecting with others in difficult times makes it easier for all of us.

Mental health resources

General health information

In an emergency

If you, a friend or family member are experiencing an emergency, call 000.

Our website lists other crisis and support service contacts.