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Stronger evidence base

A stronger evidence base is needed to inform suicide prevention policy, practice and risk management strategies at a local and state level.

The evidence base needs to be accessible to those who are directly involved in suicide prevention planning, implementation and review.

Queensland Suicide Register

We fund the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP) to maintain the Queensland Suicide Register.

The Queensland Suicide Register is a database of all suicide deaths in Queensland since 1990, utilising information received from the Queensland Office of the State Coroner and cross-checked via the National Coronial Information System.

The QSR contains a broad range of information regarding suicides in Queensland, including the circumstances of the death, preceding life events and psychiatric history.

The QSR provides data for research and strategic advice, including tri-annual reports highly key trends and emerging issues in suicide in Queensland.

Data and Information Sharing Network

The Data and Information Sharing Network seeks to improve the timeliness, accessibility and utility of suicide-related information and data for decision-makers to inform effective local suicide prevention planning and implementation.

The Network is being developed through consultation with key decision makers, including Hospital and Health Services, Primary Health Networks, regional planning bodies, and service providers to determine their needs regarding what, when and how data and information should be made available.

Development of the Network will also identify opportunities to enhance data collection and analysis processes for improved reporting, including the collection of suicide attempt data, identifying key risk groups and contextual factors in datasets.