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Leading reform 2018 presentation :: Mental health at work, Dr Allison Milner

Presentation by Dr Allison Milner, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne at the Leading Reform Summit in November 2018.

Mental health problems are the leading cause of disability in Australia. In particular, conditions such as depression and anxiety affect a substantial proportion of the working population.

Exploring state of the art knowledge about the relationship between work and mental health, Allison provides an overview of how poor quality employment affects mental health and suicide, supported by evidence.

What are the complexities related to employment and suicide, particularly for at-risk occupational groups? And what are the best practice models for workplace mental health, drawing on the concept of the integrated approach, which emphasises the importance of preventing harm, promoting the positive, and managing illness.

Finally, what are the important opportunities for partnership between researchers, policy makers, and program implementers to improve workplace mental health?