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Leading reform 2018 presentation :: Setting the scene for alcohol and other drug reform, Prof Alison Ritter

Presentation by Professor Alison Ritter, Director of the Drug Policy Modelling Program at the University of New South Wales, at the Leading Reform Summit in November 2018.

This presentation sets the scene for forward thinking about alcohol and drug policy and practice for Queensland.

Noting the stability of Australia's harm minimisation approach (since 1985) and incremental reforms since then, new approaches can sometimes be stymied by forces of inertia.

There is a current window of opportunity for fresh thinking, as demonstrated in contemporary international and national shifts towards a stronger health response to drug use, increased treatment investment, and renewed focus on reducing the harms that can arise from drug use.

This presentation considers how to gain traction and translate these contemporary shifts into policy and practice reform. This includes stronger partnerships with those with lived experience, better engagement with the public, and avoiding the muddles that have hamstrung past efforts.