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National Consumer & Carer Forum

Queenslanders have a voice on the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum (NMHCCF).

The forum is the combined national voice for consumers and carers committed to mental health reform in Australia.

The forum gives mental health consumers and carers the opportunity to be involved in developing mental health policy with the sector.

Queensland representatives

Gold Coast resident Cindy Heddle is Queensland's carer representative. Ms Heddle is a dedicated lived experience carer peer and advocate for families, with a passion for mental health and crisis reform. 

Jordan Frith is Queensland's consumer representative. Jordan is an active mental health advocate and consumer representative, and is passionate about systems reform and working towards a mental health system that is welcoming and inclusive for all.

The Commission supports Queensland’s representatives to have state-based input into mental health reform at the national level. 

The NMHCCF provides advocacy on mental health consumer and carer issues through representation on a large number of national bodies, such as government committees and advisory groups, professional bodies and other consultative forums and events.  

NMHCCF members also research and prepare submissions, raise awareness and share information relevant to consumers and carers at the national level.  

NMHCCF members ensure that issues and concerns of consumers and carers are acknowledged and addressed as part of the national policy development process in Australia.

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Contact Queensland representatives

To contact Queensland's consumer and carer representatives, contact the NMHCCF secretariat: 

Telephone 02 6285 3100 


Online at

PO Box 174