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29th TheMHS Conference

Tuesday, 27th August 2019 to Friday, 30th August 2019
TheMHS Learning Network
Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

The theme for this year’s Conference is ‘Building Healthy Communities: Stories of Resilience and Hope’.

Mental health treatment has undergone a momentous shift towards a recovery model and the promotion of good mental health and wellbeing for everyone.

But, how do we build healthy communities that support people to withstand, adapt and cope with mental health adversity?

TheMHS Conference 2019 brings people from across Australia and New Zealand to stimulate debates that challenge the boundaries of present knowledge and ideas about mental health care and mental health systems.

The conference will explore the important role of resilience in building healthy communities across all facets of the sector from the consumer experience to Non-Government Organisations, General Practitioners and public mental health services.

We will question how to foster personal resilience to allow people to enjoy a healthy life in the community during recovery.

Keynote speakers will share their own stories of resilience and hope with a drive to building healthier communities.

The conference is strongly interdisciplinary and multisectoral – with delegates from a diverse range of personal and professional backgrounds including clinicians, managers, consumers, carers, researchers, educators and policy makers.

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