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International Congress on Evidence-based Parenting Support

Tuesday, 6th June 2023 to Thursday, 8th June 2023
Parenting and Family Research Alliance
Major event

Join the International Congress on Evidence-based Parenting Support (I-CEPS), a ground-breaking global initiative to advance research, policy, and practice in the field of parenting and family intervention.

The 2023 I-CEPS theme is "promoting wellbeing and health globally through effective parenting support".

The Congress aims to bring the evidence-based parenting support comunity together, inspire innovation and collective action, and empower parents and families around the world to beneift the next generations..

It will act as a powerful and transformational case exemplar of solution-focused, collaborative engagement of key stakeholders resulting in improved research, policy impact and effective deployment of programs that work.

This is an international online event.

Find out more on the congress website.

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