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TheMHS Forum 2024

Tuesday, 9th April 2024 to Wednesday, 10th April 2024
TheMHS Learning Network
The Mercure Sydney

The Mental Health Services Learning Network (TheMHS Learning Network) is an international learning network for improving mental health services in Australia and New Zealand.

Their events bring together people from across Australia and New Zealand to stimulate debates that challenge the boundaries of present knowledge and ideas about mental health care and mental health systems.

Each year they hold TheMHS Forum - an annual educational program that highlights a contemporary topic in mental health.

TheMHS Forum 2024  theme is 'Connecting with Those Who Care' and will focus on models of compassionate and inclusive care, exploring how the mental health system can work as an adjunct to the family, kin, whānau and community relationships that promote identity, inclusion, recovery, resilience and better mental wellbeing.

Find out more on the The MHS Forum 2024 website.