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Unlocking Suicidal Secrets with leading Suicidologist Shawn Shea—Mackay

Friday, 24th August 2018
Grow New Zealand
Guest speakers
Shawn Shea, MD
Mackay Base Hospital

Suicide remains one of the most pressing of all mental health problems. Join one of the innovators in the field of suicide prevention and author of the text, The Practical Art of Suicide Assessment as he describes some of the newest approaches to preventing suicide.

From understanding matrix treatment planning as a means of preventing suicide, to learning the ins and outs of using the Chronological Assessment of Suicide Events (CASE Approach) from its creator, participants will enjoy the compelling videos and challenging ideas of one of the most popular speakers in mental health today.

About the workshop

Dr. Shea will be presenting a full-day workshop of four segments, to provide front-line clinicians with the skills necessary to tackle some of the most difficult clinical situations facing experienced clinicians regarding suicide assessment and prevention, treatment planning, and building resiliency.

The segments:

  • The Art of Matrix Treatment Planning and the Quest for Happiness: Suicide Prevention in a New Light
  • New Ideas on Effectively Using Risk and Protective Factors in the Clinical Formulation of Risk
  • Innovative Interviewing Techniques for Uncovering Suicidal Ideation and the Taboo Topics that Create It
  • The Delicate Art of Eliciting Suicidal Ideation: The Chronological Assessment of Suicide Events

All interviewing techniques will be clearly demonstrated through the use of videotape examples from actual client interviews.

Who should attend

This training is appropriate for psychiatrists, counsellors, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, case managers, substance abuse counsellors, and all mental health trainees.

Register now

Mackay Hospital and Health Service has partnered with Grown NZ to host this workshop.

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