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Couch Surfing Hotline to tackle youth homelessness

31 Oct 2019

Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) is trialling a new phone service – the Couch Surfing Hotline – for young people who are couch surfing due to homelessness.

It is designed to provide tailored support and explore pathways for moving into safe and sustainable housing.

The service, funded through a QMHC Better Futures grant, draws on 2018 research by BYS in partnership with Griffith Criminology Institute that revealed young couch surfers had consistently higher rates of poor mental health than any other group of young people seeking support from BYS, including those who were sleeping rough.

Young couch surfers, concerned families and carers, and community members who are providing temporary ‘couch accommodation’ to young people can access information and support via the hotline. The trial will help shape services for this vulnerable group of young people into the future.

The hotline (0402 526 965) is staffed from 10am-2pm Monday to Friday and 1pm-4pm Wednesday, and includes a message and call-back service.

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