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Investment boost for Central Highlands mental health and wellbeing

14 Feb 2018

Queensland Mental Health Commissioner Ivan Frkovic today announced additional funding of $288,000 for the Central Highlands Regional Mental Health and Wellbeing hub over two years, as well as its expansion into the Isaac region.

CentacareCQ hosts the regional hub, which is working to develop awareness, knowledge and skills for promoting good mental health and wellbeing across the community.

This work includes coordinating local community wellbeing action groups and introducing the Wheel of Wellbeing (WoW) program to communities.

Mr Frkovic said Central Highlands was one of the few regions outside the United Kingdom to access the ‘tried and tested’ WoW program and expertise.

“Thanks to the hub, the Central Highlands is rapidly becoming a centre of wellbeing knowledge and practice, which will have lasting local benefit long into the future.”

Mr Frkovic said mental health and wellbeing was important to everybody.

“Positive emotions not only lift our spirits, they build our resilience and capacity to deal with life when the going gets tough,” he said.

“WoW is built around the concept that the way we feel and think is just as important to a long, healthy and happy life as good food and exercise.

“This is about creating stronger communities that are well connected, supportive and vibrant.”

Carmel Marshall, Planning and Development Manager at CentacareCQ, welcomed the ongoing investment in the hub.

“The great thing about the hub program is that it builds capacity in local people, so that mental wellbeing activities don’t rely on service providers — when the initiative ends, the community can continue to take a positive approach to mental wellbeing,” she said.

For further information contact the Hub Project Facilitator, Victoria Homer, on 1300 523 985.


Contact:  Robyn Oberg, 3405 9774 or 0434 987 212

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