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Meet Sara Goodson this NAIDOC Week


Sara Goodson and some of the women in her life

Sara Goodson and some of the women in her life

12 Jul 2018

Meet Sara Goodson this NAIDOC Week #BecauseOfHerWeCan.

One of the Queensland Mental Health Commission’s staff members is poised to play a role in promoting good health in her community.

Meet Sara Goodson, a Senior Policy Officer at the Commission.

Quietly spoken, with a gentle strength, Sara is knowledgeable, competent and connected.

A Kamilaroi woman, Sara grew up without some of the support many of us take for granted, yet she has flourished into a young woman of calm determination.

“I want to do something with my life to help others. Health for me is very important. Without it, you don’t have much, so I would like to make a difference in this area,” says Sara.

Sara says knowing what she doesn’t want has helped shape her life into what she does want. Both Sara and her sister were the first to go to university, and her sister continues to support her as a source of inspiration.

“When I think of the stories of my mum and her mum (my nan), my generation has it a lot easier. Access to education is a big part of this,” says Sara.

“My mum was one of six kids who grew up in a hut with no floor, no walls, no electricity. She had no shoes until she was seven.

“She left home at 16 to do domestic work in Sydney, but that didn’t last long and she quickly left for Brisbane.

“She taught me to stand up for Aboriginal rights—she took me to marches as a kid. There’s so much we don’t get taught about our history and culture in school, and these outings with Mum were a way for her to pass on some of this cultural knowledge.”

The lesson for Sara in these outings was that Aboriginal rights must be protected and sometimes fought for, and that you can’t wait for things to happen.

Self-reliance has been a feature of Sara’s life and often, it’s her younger self who pops up to remind her of just how far she’s come.

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