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NZ's ground-breaking approach to child wellbeing

31 Oct 2019

Following the release of New Zealand’s Wellbeing Budget, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern backed it up with the launch of a Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy in August.

With its focus on children living in poverty and with greater needs, the strategy described what’s important about child and youth wellbeing, what the government is doing to support it, and the role of others.

In developing the strategy, the voices of 6000 children and young people, and 4000 other New Zealanders were included, along with social science and cultural wellbeing frameworks.

The strategy is supported by a $3.5 billion investment to roll it out. The strategy has six wellbeing outcomes, along with nine guiding principles and a program of action for 20 government agencies.

It is a different approach with a robust set of indicators for the outcomes that includes feeling loved’ as an important measure for young people about those who look after or care for them.

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