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QMHC submission: Social isolation and loneliness

28 Oct 2021

Meaningful social connection is vital to our wellbeing and addressing social isolation and loneliness is important in building mental wellbeing in people across all ages, diverse groups and stages of life.

This is the essence of the Commission’s written submission to the Queensland Parliament’s Community Support and Services Committee inquiry into social isolation and loneliness in Queensland.

In its submission, the Commission supports the proposal for a statewide strategy focused on reducing social isolation and loneliness which takes a life course approach with focus on key transitions and points of change.

The Commission noted that social isolation and loneliness have been associated with poor health outcomes and increased risk of premature mortality at rates comparable with other well-established risk factors, including lack of physical activity, obesity, problematic alcohol and other drug use, poor mental health, injury and violence.

The committee is due to report to the Legislative Assembly by 6 December 2021.

Read the full QMHC submission