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Wheel of Wellbeing rolls on

25 Jul 2017

A capacity building project to enhance Queenslanders’ mental health and wellbeing awareness and knowledge continues to roll out this month.

The project is funded by the Queensland Mental Health Commission and delivers Wheel of Wellbeing training developed by Maudsley International. 

The Wheel of Wellbeing (WoW) program helps communities and individuals build skills and raise awareness about improving mental health and wellbeing.

Queensland Mental Health Commissioner Ivan Frkovic said through this partnership increasing numbers of Queenslanders had gone through the WoW program, led by Maudsley’s Tony Coggins.

“The Commission’s investment means we now have a growing number of Queenslanders who are accredited to roll out Wheel of Wellbeing workshops in communities across the State.

“Six have also been trained as WoW Advanced Practitioners, which means they can provide intensive training, mentoring and support to other WoW facilitators,” Mr Frkovic said.

“Not only do individuals benefit from incorporating the framework into their personal lives, they also promote and support WoW capacity-building through work and wider community involvement.”

Mr Frkovic said WoW is based on positive psychology and backed by research that shows particular practices in daily living enhance personal wellbeing and resilience.

WoW focuses on six key themes of individual mental health and wellbeing: Body, Mind, Spirit, People, Place and Planet.

“The project to introduce WoW was in response to stakeholders telling us there was a need to improve understanding of positive mental health and wellbeing and what individuals, services, organisations and communities can do to contribute,” Mr Frkovic said.

“WoW is proving to be highly effective in engaging diverse audiences across the State.

“We’re working towards achieving one of the Commission’s main objectives, which is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Queenslanders.”

The current training will be held in Brisbane, 24-26 July. Further information about Wheel of Wellbeing can be found at:

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