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World Suicide Prevention Day launch of Suicide Prevention Plan

QMHC World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

10 Sep 2019

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. It’s an important day because it remembers those lost, bereaved or affected by suicide.

Sadly, far too many Queenslanders die this way each year.

Each death is one too many. Each one impacts on the lives of families, kinship groups, friends, colleagues, class mates and the wider community.

That’s why today the Queensland Government has released Every life: The Queensland Suicide Prevention Plan

The plan sits under the Shifting minds strategic plan and recognises that suicide is preventable.

It is a state priority for the Commission, but also for the Queensland Government to reduce the rates of suicide.

I’m encouraged by the strong government and community leadership and commitment to the plan.

And it’s backed by an $81 million investment from the Queensland Government..

Importantly people have told us that restoring hope and recovery must be central to everything we do…

But it’s also about building resilience, working with vulnerable groups, for example men, responding to those in need and at risk, and ensuring the system is working together.

But most of all, it’s about giving a clear message to everyone that every life matters. Thank you.

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