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Our study of consumer experiences of telepsychiatry examined what makes a positive experience of telepsychiatry and how experiences might be enhanced in the future.

Why is telepsychiatry important?

Telepsychiatry has become a routine part of mental health care in rural areas in recent years, with significant benefits for mental health services, consumers and their supporter.

It includes the use of videoconferencing and similar technology and enables consumers to access treatment and support closer to home.

In 2015-16 the Commission partnered with Enlightened Consultants to research the views of people who regularly use telepsychiatry. The project was supported by the Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service.


The research report resulting from the study of consumer experiences of telepsychiatry, Informing the future of Queensland’s Telepsychiatry Services was completed in 2015.


  1. Telepsychiatry is a valued part of mental health care for people living in rural areas
  2. The ability to form a meaningful and positive relationship with the treating team is central to a positive experience of telepsychiatry
  3. Having the same treating team over time can increase satisfaction with telepsychiatry
  4. Some consumers would like to involve a wider range of support persons in their telepsychiatry consultations and have access to telepsychiatry from home.

What’s next

The Commission will continue discussions with Queensland Health, service providers and consumers to find ways to enhance consumer experiences of telepsychiatry.