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Mental health and wellbeing hubs

Connecting communities

Why wellbeing?

Good mental health and wellbeing is the foundation for thriving individuals, families and communities.

Stronger mental health and wellbeing brings benefits in terms of:

  • improved physical health and life expectancy
  • better learning outcomes and educational achievement
  • enhanced creativity
  • increased productivity
  • greater community engagement
  • a higher quality of life.

It also builds resilience in individuals and communities, who are more able to cope in difficult times such as drought, flood, fire or challenging economic circumstances.

Image of flyer - mental health and wellbeing hubs initiative


The hub initiative

The Queensland Mental Health Commission has invested $263,000 in the first year to fund three regional Mental Health and Wellbeing Hubs across Queensland to nurture flourishing, connected and resilient communities.

The hubs are a key initiative of the Early Action: Queensland Mental Health Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention Action Plan 2015-17.

The three regional hubs will pilot a locally-led approach to building and embeding awareness, knowledge and capacity for improved mental health and wellbeing in key groups and the broader community.

Each hub will tap into existing services, share localised knowledge and expertise, and create stronger regional mental health and wellbeing networks.

They will work with individuals, community members and groups, networks, industry and government across their regions to pinpoint community needs and facilitate better access to mental health and wellbeing training and resources.

The hub investment is for the first year of operation, which includes the establishment of each hub, formal planning, implementation and evaluation.

Each hub is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2016.

Hub locations

The interactive map below shows the location of each Queensland Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub.

SOLAS logo







Northern and Western Queensland

In Townsville, SOLAS (Supported Options in Lifestyle and Access Services), working in partnership with the Mental Illness Fellowship NQ (MIFNQ), will create the northern and Western Queensland Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub.

SOLAS and FINQ offices in six locations will act as mini-hubs, broadening their reach into communities. Find out about SOLAS

“The great thing about this initiative is it will be driven and implemented by people from north Queensland and focused on our needs.”

CentacareCQ logo  

Central Highlands

CentacareCQ, supported by the Central Highlands Regional Council and CQ Rural Health, will establish community-led mental health and wellbeing hubs across the Central Highlands. Read more about CentacareCQ

“Equipping rural communities to take a more active role in ensuring community mental health and wellbeing is vital.”

Relationships Australia Queensland logo  

Logan and Southern Moreton Bay Islands

Relationships Australia (Queensland) will set up a hub for the diverse communities of Logan City that will also cater for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. See Relationships Australia

“We are a vibrant and diverse community, and the hub initiative is a great opportunity to build our community wellbeing.”

Last updated 3 May 2016

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