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Suicide & Self-Harm Prevention Conference 2015

25 Jun 2015

Today I had the opportunity to speak at the 2015 Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention Conference.

Suicide is tragic. And it’s personal. For every suicide, at least six other people's lives are deeply affected.

Suicides can be prevented. But this requires a sustained commitment to coordinated, whole of government, whole of community approach – because of the complexity of issues and the range of contributing factors that lead to an increased risk.

We need to shift our focus from a mental illness model to one which considers, and responds to, the broad range of factors that contribute to suicide risk.

To achieve lasting change we need to shift our thinking from a focus on clinical diagnosis and risk status, to supporting a person in crisis, by taking a person-centered approach.

We need to shift our focus from crisis responses to strengthening protective factors and social conditions.

The Commission has been working with experts to prepare a Suicide Prevention Discussion Paper. The Discussion Paper is open for consultation until 31 July 2015.

Download the full speech (PDF, 121 kB) and presentation (PDF, 262 kB)

Read the Suicide Prevention Discussion Paper