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Champions for change

15 Oct 2015

Congratulations to The Greater South Joint Mental Health Collaborative, Kyabra Community Association, Carers Queensland, and Brisbane South Primary Health Network Partners in Recovery for producing the Champions for Change booklet.

The booklet emphasises that recovery is supported when families and carers are involved as partners.

It provides a family engagement and support framework, and recommends the following principles for involving and including families and carers:

  • Respect for and understanding of the role of families and carers in a person’s wellbeing, recovery and continuity of care
  • Rights to information, involvement, collaborative planning, support and recognition manifest in practical ways
  • Services and assistance are provided in a warm, honest, consistent and caring way
  • Carers and families are connected with each other, and support the broader community
  • Services are coordinated and integrated.

For more information contact The Greater South Joint Mental Health Collaborative