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Floresco service model

The Floresco Integrated Service Hub is an integrated adult mental health service model operating at the Floresco Centre in Ipswich in the West Moreton Hospital and Health Service region.

The hub was established in late 2014 by a consortium of four non-government organisations, Aftercare (lead agency), FSG Australia, Ipswich Regional Advocacy Service and Life Without Barriers.

Integrated service model

Through the Department of Health, the Queensland Government funded the Floresco consortium from July 2014 to June 2017 to deliver the following non-clinical community-based mental health service types:

  • personalised support
  • mutual support and self-help
  • group support activities
  • family and carer support.

In addition to delivering these services, the consortium has worked with several other local health and community service providers to establish Floresco as an integrated ‘one stop’ mental health service hub.

The hub is designed to simplify access to a range of other services for people with mental illness and their families and carers — for example, general practitioner (GP), psychology and mental health social work services.

Floresco’s integrated service model aims to overcome many of the weaknesses of Australia’s mental health system, which tend to undermine its ability to deliver sustainable improvements in outcomes for people affected by mental illness.

Project evaluation

With funding assistance from the Commission, Aftercare engaged the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research (QCMHR) to undertake an evaluation of the project and deliver a report in 2018.

The evaluation will assess the effectiveness of Floresco’s service model in improving outcomes for people with mental illness — particularly those who experience severe mental illness — and for their families and carers.

In addition, the evaluation aims to identify the barriers to, and key enablers of, successful integration of community-based mental health services, and the possibilities for improving the implementation and/or effectiveness of Floresco’s service model.