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Discussion papers

As part of Strategic plan renewal, we invited feedback on two discussion papers.

Discussion paper 1: A renewed plan for Queensland

The discussion paper, A renewed plan for Queensland (PDF, 845KB): Reviewing the Queensland Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Strategic Plan 2014–2019 sought feedback about reforms and actions that can:

  • improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Queenslanders
  • prevent and reduce the impact of mental illness
  • prevent and reduce the adverse effects of problematic alcohol and other drug use
  • prevent and reduce the impact of suicide.

It outlined steps taken to implement the Strategic Plan to date and progress made towards achieving its six long-term outcomes.

Discussion paper 2: Engaging people with lived experience

The discussion paper Engaging people with a lived experience: Renewed priorities (PDF, 204KB) considers renewed priorities for meaningful, well-supported engagement of people with a lived experience their families, carers and support people as valued, equal partners in the reform journey.

The review particularly focused on identifying ways to increase and improve engagement of people with a lived experience to influence policies, programs and service delivery.

Drawing on well-established evidence, policy and practice, and new research, this discussion paper sought views about:

  • opportunities to increase meaningful engagement to influence policies, programs and services
  • opportunities to increase peer work and peer networks
  • future priorities for lived experience engagement and leadership across Queensland
  • examples of good practice, including those that target people from diverse backgrounds.

Promoting lived experience

Promoting lived experience-led reform, including for individuals, their families, carers and support people to have an active role in shaping policy, programs and services will deliver a more responsive system which achieves better outcomes.  

The Promoting lived experience perspective discussion paper is a valuable resource written from the perspective of peer influence to inform the Strategic Plan renewal project.