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We invite applications up to $10,000 for sponsorship that support achievement of better mental health outcomes for Queenslanders quarterly.

Sponsorship enables the Commission to support community awareness events, enhance knowledge sharing and collaboration. We support a range of events, conferences and other activities after considering how each application meets the assessment criteria.

Applications for financial sponsorship are assessed against assessment criteria four times a year, with rounds closing on 28 February, 31 May, 31 August and 30 November.

We assess sponsorship applications according to our sponsorship guideline and publish all approved sponsorships in our sponsorship register

Our sponsorship guideline is consistent with the Queensland Government sponsorship policy, and seeks to ensure that all sponsorship requests are considered using an open, transparent, fair and equitable process.

Our sponsorship guideline outlines the purpose, eligibility, evaluation process, assessment criteria, and funding, monitoring and review requirements.

How to apply

  1. Download and fill in the Sponsorship application form
  2. Submit your completed application form via mail or email to:

    Sponsorship Coordinator
    Queensland Mental Health Commission
    PO Box 13027, George Street

Who can apply

Requests for sponsorship will only be accepted from incorporated bodies, including statutory authorities and companies.

Individuals, political or religious organisations or organisations who receive any form of funding from tobacco or alcohol companies, either directly or indirectly are not eligible for sponsorship funding.

The following types of activities are not eligible for sponsorship funding:

  • events or activities that include relationships with tobacco and alcohol
  • events or activities that include product endorsements
  • events or activities that do not recognise diversity in communities, families or culture
  • sponsorship which includes funding to purchase capital works or assets
  • any event that is considered high risk or contravenes the Commission’s policies
  • events and conferences not covered by public liability insurance


Applications should be made on the Sponsorship application form which outlines the information you need to provide. The application form includes the following requirements:

  • executive summary outlining how the proposal meets the eligibility and assessment criteria
  • background information on the company or body that manages the event or activity, including a proven ability to manage similar initiatives, proven ability to manage funds and governance
  • background information and statistics on the event or activity in previous years (if applicable)
  • proposed target market for the event, including demographic, geographic and psychographic information
  • proposed date and location of the event or activity
  • overview of the marketing plan including details about marketing and media coverage of the event or activity prior to the state date
  • a comprehensive list of sponsorship benefits offered
  • opportunity to promote the Commission’s objectives and initiatives
  • the proposed agenda and program
  • purpose of the sponsorship (that is, specific activities the sponsorship will be used to fund).

Reporting requirements

Sponsorsored organisations must submit a Final Report of the outcomes of the sponsored activity, within six weeks after its completion.

Advising applicants

We will acknowledge receipt of all sponsorship applications and advise the outcome of each request after each quarterly assessment period.